Peace and God's grace to you.

Welcome to! ‘Sylheti Kitab’ means ‘Sylheti Heavenly Books’ – God's Word sent down to his prophets in various languages, now translated into the Sylheti language. This website has been designed to give easy access to the Scriptures to all who speak our Sylheti language, through text, audio and video.

Here you can freely read, watch or listen to a range of material, which you can also download for yourself and for others, without any cost. Remember this is God's own Word, not something that people have invented, so let us be careful to treat it with respect.

If you have any suggestions or comments, please tell us using the link below. May God bless each one of us, and may his name be praised.

 Read from the Holy Tourat and Holy Injil

Listen to the Holy Injil with text highlighting