PDF Files of the Holy Injil

The word ‘Injil’ in Arabic is derived from the original Greek work ‘Eu-Angel’. This word ‘Eu-Angel’ means joyful news or message.

The message is this: Allah has sent Isa al-Mosih into this world to rescue people of all nations from Satan’s snare and from slavery to sin.

The Holy Injil Shorif is the collection of the 27 sections of teachings that Isa al-Mosih revealed by the Holy Spirit through his apostles.

In order to download PDF files of the Holy Injil Shorif in Bangla script or Nagri script, please click on the appropriate title below.

1. Book of Matthew

2. Book of Mark

3. Book of Luke

4. Book of John

5. Book of Acts

6. Book of Romans

7. Book of First Corinthians

8. Book of Second Corinthians

9. Book of Galatians

10. Book of Ephesians

11. Book of Philippians

12. Book of Colossians

13. Book of First Thessalonians

14. Book of Second Thessalonians

15. Book of First Timothy

16. Book of Second Timothy

17. Book of Titus

18. Book of Philemon

19. Book of Hebrews

20. Book of James

21. Book of First Peter

22. Book of Second Peter

23. Book of First John

24. Book of Second John

25. Book of Third John

26. Book of Jude

27. Book of Revelation